Serafino Zani presents the new collection 2007 Passami il sale - litteraly "pass the salt, please"-:new tableware designed by Konstantin Grcic.
Experimenting with a contemporary use of steel as an everyday material, strong and durable and the same time elegant, the new products are an original presence in the day-to-day scenario of our households: tray, basket, salad set.
Created by a designer who seeks a delicate balance between production needs and expressive languages, the new tableware collection consists of five trays of different sizes, obtained by bending the steel plate; a laser perforated basket in two sizes, and a pair of salad servers in drawn sheet steel.

Grcic’s minimalist language reinterprets steel through basic geometries, asymmetries and sharp cuts, like metal origamis of extreme simplicity, that get across a feel of the hand that crafted them.
"Working with Serafino Zani gives me an opportunity to compare my design approach to Italian production on a terrain which I view as extremely interesting and I refer to as the “Casa Fabbrica”. Serafino Zani is a contemporary company, operating on an industrial scale and especially attentive to design, and yet at the same time having strong links with the territory and artisan traditions. It uses industrial production systems without forgetting the know-how of handiwork.

I believe there is great quality in trying to use industrial equipment, keeping in mind that selecting a technology or a machine is like choosing a tool: the value of both resides not in themselves, but in the fact that both – through the project – are able to convey the touch of the person who has created them."