Through the program “La cucina sapiente e la tavola contenta - The knowledgeable kitchen and the satisfying table”, designed by Sottsass Associati, Serafino Zani re-proposes steel as the protagonist of the table.
A vast and varied program that, as a continuation of the past, develops the theme of day-to-day living through the use of this material and that will, in the course of the next three years, explore all of the classic models of the table and kitchen, arriving at accessories and creations for the home.
The new program places steel and its truest aptitude
of being a solid and long-lasting industrial material at

the centre of a study of objects that aims primarily at “re-designing” the common kitchen and table, those of popular memory, using modern-day language so as to render them suited for people of different tastes and cultures.
The three series in steel have names that were chosen by Ettore Sottsass, with a good dose of humour, to emphasize the fact that the idea of which the project speaks is far from the glamour of those “big” occasions.  It is the idea of daily living that loves the peaceful normality
of simple things that work well, of high quality, that design of the highest level knows how to interpret.

The result of the meeting with Sottsass Associati is a series of object-utensils, designed to be a calm and a strong presence on the table at the same time.  Large thicknesses and wide profiles that also signify consistency and weight, to offer a solid relationship with the object.  Simple, almost archetype, shapes, to be used unhurriedly, that suggest pleasure in eating and in cooking, only slightly charged with significance by the vertical and longitudinal lines of the handles of the saucepans and covers.
Cutlery, knives, pots and pans, tablewares made for many, with the quality of few.