Serafino Zani among the 100 stories of the Made in Italy

Serafino Zani joined the prestigious selection for the publication of the 2012 Christmust monograph that enhances the Made in Italy in the quality of research, economy and production. Christmust continues to tell stories about the success of Made in Italy can show a country which believes in herself, that innovates and winning small and large challenges in international markets. The title Differential Italian is dedicated to all companies published in the book, that with their work make the difference with product design,  totally Made in Italy and which therefore represent a resource for our country in this time of crisis. The publication is edited by Simona Lombardi, Danilo Premoli, Gianluca Vassalli and Jacopo Morelli and promotes the Italian Way as a process of design and quality, and collects 100 stories / most innovative products of the year, with the intent to support the Italian excellence.
The orientation of this edition has a strong flavor - and aroma- Green, thanks to section to 10 companies, which make their products an example of sustainability and paper Crush Favini, made with by-products of food waste (citrus, olive, coffee). Even the packaging is in line with all of this: thanks to Christmust bag made of regenerated leather.
The monograph, commissioned and financed by Ali Spa and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, collects the best of Made in Italy selecting one hundred of the best product ideas and success stories of Italian companies.