Dal cucchiaio al cucchiaio

Organized by ADI Lombardy at "Expo Days. The World at Table ", an initiative of the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with Expo 2015 SpA.

The exhibition call " Dal cucchiaio al cucchiaio " ( From spoon to spoon ) offers an anthology drawn from the collection of “ADI Compasso d’Oro “ and “ADI design Index”.

The exhibition analyzes the evolution of the objects, from 2004 to present, that we normally utilize for consume food.

Serafino Zani will be presente Accento flatware and Subito pressure cooker, both designed by Konstantin Grcic.

Adi will also organize a conference “ Cibo dastrada” which will be a meeting of different interlocutors from different type of business area.

The discussion will be focus on “food” as vehicle of aggregation in public place.

" Dal cucchiaio al cucchiaio "

Sala Panoramica del Castello Sforzesco, Milan
2 -13 May.
Free admission, open hours:  9-13 / 14-17.30

Open cerimony: 2nd May 2012,  18:00

Cibo da strada
3rd May, 9.30 am
Palazzo Morando, via Sant’Andrea 6, Milan